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Welcome to Total Gazebo!

I’m an outdoor enthusiast at heart. There isn’t a spare moment where my family and I aren’t finding new ways to take in some of that sweet earth air.

We’re either hiking up a back trail and setting up camp by night, soaking up some rays on the beach or even just lazing around in the garden. Whatever the case, one of the most important pieces of equipment we own is some kind of shelter.

Of course, food and water come first, but for a young and active family, having a roof over our heads to offer respite from the sun or rain can be a lifesaver.

It’s always a little tricky to know which shelter equipment best suits your needs, from traditional gazebos built as permanent structures to freestanding pop-up tents and modular variants. The choices are endless once you begin looking.

There is so much information out there these days that the brain can go overloaded trying to process everything. Not only that, but there are a ton of new variants and hybrids hitting the market at such a fast pace that it’s just not a simple task to keep up with.

I’ve learned with experience and time that you can never have too much good information to help you understand how and why something works.

Furthermore, it can help you to utilize that piece of equipment in a way that truly benefits you.

That is why I decided to create All my experiences have allowed me to draw from them and offer the support I wish I had when I first began using these outdoor accessories.

All content on this site has been carefully researched and tested to ensure that the readers have the most accurate and up to date knowledge possible. After all, there’s no point in setting out on your outdoor adventure unprepared.

If you’re interested in spending more time outdoors and using gazebos as a shelter, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll cover topics such as set up methods, comparisons, uses, and all things in between.

All you need to do is save this site as your one step gazebo shop. I can guarantee you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to go out there and make an informed decision to purchase the right gazebo for you.

See you on the inside!

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